Iggy Pop Fire Engine Vinyl 7" (Record Store Day)

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7" Vinyl $15.95
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Recorded back in 1983 and never released. Looking for a new record deal after the lack of sales of his last album Zombie Birdhouse Iggy teamed up with Ric Ocasek to record 3 tracks 2 of which are presented here. Features Ministry’s Al Jurgensen on guitar who also co- wrote the A side Remastered for vinyl.

  • Record Store Day 2016 exclusive
  • never before released
  • remastered for vinyl
  • Produced by Ric Ocasek featuring Ministry's Al Jurgensen on guitar
  • limited to 300 copies worldwide
  • Easy Action
  • first stock will be available at our New York Shop on April 16th, 2016
  • leftovers will be available online, sign up for stock email above to get first notification