Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking (180g) Vinyl LP

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180g pressing of this 1988 alt-rock c-c-classic. We had a review of this in the Lab archive, but it talked about "when I'm not listening to beats or hip-hop, I would listen to this..." Funny, in the late nineties, the DJ world was so immersed in a hip-hop bubble: buying doubles, wearing 6 panel hats, and being generally repressed. Premier-produced albums took the place of really good rock albums and you only could listen to The Smiths in the privacy of your own room. Well the bubble is burst and hip-hop is pretty much a goner, and this is what I am talking about. F Smif N Wessun, I'd take JA anyday... Recommended.

  • 180 gram reissue
  • 1988 sophomore album from Jane's Addiciton
  • music label: Warner Bros. 2013
reviewed by the mgmnt 04/2009