JBs Doing It To Death (James Brown) LP

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Our favorite JB's record and probably the minister's finest hour. JB must have had a few before this one cause cause he loosens the orchestrations and lets the band flow. From the classic intro (Theez are the JBeez) to the last groove on the record this is some sweet ass juice. "Doing It to Death" Pt.1 and 2 showcases Maceo and his fonky flute (you didn't know he could do that) in a ten minute stretch. More Peas contains one of the dopest moments in history. The bass breakdown and drum break (sampled nicely by Cypress and Show and AG) reminds me why we got into beat-digging in the first place. "La Di Da La Di Day" grooves the signature JBs guitar and chant. "You Can Have Watergate, But Gimmie Some Bucks and I'll Be Straight" is the Lab's groove. This one has a tight orchestration with some smooth guitar and righteous layered horns with definite devil exorcising effects. JB's vocals are some of his best with "I need some money" and the Fred Wesley challenges "Freddy's Dead." If this doesn't hit you, you need to check your delf. This record is prime example of why JB is king.

  • music label: People
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2005