Jónsi & Alex Riceboy Sleeps (Sigur Ros) Vinyl 2LP

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Little things spring to life, ready to wash over you. Jónsi & Alex, the ambient side project of Sigur Ros vocalist Jónsi Birgisson and his musical and romantic partner Alex Somers, takes small textures and infinitely magnetizes them. Built largely of samples, the songs on Riceboy Sleeps are at once minuscule and grand. The songs sound as if they've been recorded in the most stunning cathedral you've ever laid eyes on, small sounds amplified by the inherent reverberations in the Gothic architecture. This is beautiful music, although the sound might be too big to simply call it ambient. It's an experience you walk into and eventually give yourself to in entirety.

  • music label: XL Recordings 2009
reviewed by Vayt Khaloymes 07/2015