Kate Bush The Sensual World (Audio Fidelity 180g) Vinyl LP

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Kate's sixth studio album, now on deluxe 180 gram vinyl. By 1989, Kate Bush had five albums under her belt and was already an icon with her own very distinct and unique sound. It's not surprising that she gave it her all on The Sensual World, creating a deep, lush sonic world filled with poetic mysticism. The album took four years to complete, but well worth the wait as you can't rush a masterpiece. This 2010 pressing features a new remaster by legendary engineers Steve Hoffman and Kevin Grey, and is housed in a thick glossy sleeve. Limited, numbered edition.

  • remastered from original tapes by Steve Hoffman & Kevin Gray
  • pressed on 180 gram vinyl
  • limited, numbered edition
  • glossy gatefold sleeve
  • music label: EMI 1989 / Audio Fidelity 2010
reviewed by Baggy Tapir 02/2015