King Tubby Lost Treasures Vinyl LP

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Repressed! Vintage Reggae Monkey review from early 2000: I have no problems telling you this is the best King Tubby compilation I've ever heard. And there are so many of them that have the same songs, the same versions, and just aren't as good as this. The album starts with a super duper version of Eric Donaldson's "Cherry Oh Baby"- perfect vocal overdubbing and timing. For all the double drum heads, we get "Dub On The Street Again," an amazing tune. This is what you think of when you think what dub should sound like. The liner notes say that all the tracks here have never been released before, strictly resurrections from "the vault." Usually a tag line like that is a sure indicator that an album is going to be a bunch of rehashed crap that should have stayed in the damn vaults. Not here. Pure colly fills this. But it's so good that we are having serious doubts as to weather this is real or not. Can this shit be real? Check out the great intro and wacky dub instrumentation of "Let's Do The Dub." On top of that check the breaks on "Dub Confession." It's just too much. Extra grade vinyl, recommended.

  • music label: Jamaican Recordings 2001
reviewed by the mgmnt 12/2009