• Kyle Gross: Everyday Wonders  (Free MP3) Cassette Tape

Kyle H Gross
Everyday Wonders (Free MP3) Cassette Tape

Rellman Enterprises

↳ sample based beatsmith creations

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Beats from the deep! Former TTL NY store employee, Kyle H Gross, returns to the fold on Michna's Rellman Enterprises label. Apparently there's an interesting story behind these beats. Thankfully Michna had the inclination to release them, and for that we are grateful. Who knew Mr. Gross was harboring these heaters? If you're sustenance consists of sample based beats in the vein of Madlib, early Danger Mouse and maybe even Blockhead, then look no further. Samples range from the jazz of "Apple" to the psychedelic soundtrack manipulations on "Vernonique." There's bangers like the sinister "No Way Out" and the car cash madness of "Wild," as well. Here's what Michna had to say: These are the beats that had all the Japanese kids in a frenzy. One day Kyle brought in a CD-R of beats and imported them into the TTL Store iTunes. Kids came in, heard it, and said "What is this I want to buy it." Bogdan boldly announced "This is Kyle's music, it's not for sale. I have the only copy." A couple years later Michna asks Kyle where those beats went and he exclaims, "the CD-R was lost years ago and the only known copy is on the hard drive of the TTL store computer." No problem that desktop is probably sitting in the basement of the Lab store. Michna looks, no dice. Three more years pass and Michna is walking down Avenue A and sees a homeless guy selling records, books and - a Dell Desktop. Wait a minute, that desktop has a Kim Jong Il sticker on it... Wait! That's the old TTL computer! Michna offers the bum 2 dollars and the guy says "deal." A call was immediately placed to H4X0R, one of the finest hackers out of Bushwick to extract the files from the hard drive. Miraculously the tunes were found, sent off to The Exchange for mastering, bounced to cassette, and, "Voila" we give you Everyday Wonders.' So go out and buy yourself a tape player, you're gonna be on the hunt once you get a taste of Everyday Wonders. Includes free MP3 download.

  • music label: Rellman Enterprises 2013
reviewed by Kool Moby 11/2013



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