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Impressive full length from Matt "Lone" Cutler for R&S. Galaxy Garden confirms our suspicions that Lone would be one to look out for, a feeling we had after hearing the stellar "Once In A While" on Kode9's DJ-Kicks mix, and know on his his fifth album since 2007 (that averages to about one a year!), he delivers his most complete and cohesive work to date. On Galaxy Garden, Lone is skillfully takes elements of old school rave, garage, techno, footwork, and bass and creates something familiar, yet totally unique. There are few producer peers in the scene (maybe just Rustie?) that can pile on as many intricate layers in a single track and still make it sound uncluttered and coherent. A quick listen to cuts like "A New Colour," "The Animal Pattern," "Crystal Caverns 1991," "Cthulu" and "Dream Girl/Sky Surfer" reveal a love for old school roots coated with a fresh, new school sheen. 12 tracks in all with free CD version of the entire album.

  • music label: R&S 2012
reviewed by TKB 05/2012