Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth Funky Technician Vinyl LP

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Some albums were just never meant to be on any other format than vinyl. Main Source's Breakin Atoms on CD? Capooey! This is another one of those type of albums (while I'm at it, you could probably add the entire DITC catalog to the list). One listen and you'll hear why. This is one of those recordings that bridges the gap between old records and hip-hop, exemplifying the whole dusty-crates-digging thing.  Just listening to this right now, makes me want to go check my crates again. Plus, you get Lord Finesse at his finest moment, playing the ultimate facilitator and smooth talker. Checklist: "Funky Technician, Strictly For The Ladies, Bad Mutha, Keep It Flowing, Back To Back Rhyming," and "Here I Come." 13 tracks in all. And on a design note: how dope is the cover photography?

  • music label: Wild Pitch Records 1990
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2015