Lou Reed Transformer Vinyl LP

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So much good music on one album, so much! Transformer is Lou Reed's second solo effort after leaving the Velvet Underground. Some of the songs were written while he was still with the group, but the majority of the album was penned once he left. His connection with Andy Warhol remained strong. The song "Vicious" was famously written after Warhol had told Reed to write a song about someone vicious. When Reed asked what he meant by vicious, Warhol replied, "Oh, you know, like I hit you with a flower." Many of Reed's best known material is on the album, including "Walk on the Wild Side", "Perfect Day" and "Satellite of Love." Reed had found a fan in David Bowie who ended up producing the album along with Mick Ronson. Bowie's voice can be heard on many tracks, while Ronson's contributions seem to be endless. He played many instruments as well as wrote arrangements that seem to have had a lasting effect on Reed. It's a fantastic album that deserves a spot in any respectable fan's collection.

  • music label: RCA 2012
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 12/2013