• Mac Demarco: This Old Dog (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP
  • Mac Demarco: This Old Dog (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP
  • Mac Demarco: This Old Dog (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

Mac Demarco
This Old Dog (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

Captured Tracks

↳ 4th album from the Canadian slacker songwriter

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Mac is back! This Old Dog marks Demarco's 4th full length, and from the sounds of the lead singles "This Old Dog" and "Your Old Man," it promises more of the mellow melodies and chilled riffs he's known for - but with a few subtle twists. The album showcases the first use of some newly acquired gear (namely the CR-78 drum machine) with lots of acoustic guitar and synthesizer washes. From Mac Demarco himself, "This record has a lot to do with my family and my life right now and the way I’m feeling and stuff, One of the main goals for this record was trying to make sure I retained some kind of realness. That’s the bottom line. Being in any sort of spotlight can be jarring, especially when you’re not preoccupied with touring and you’re just sitting in your house writing songs. But wherever my bedroom is, the records are gonna be whatever is happening in there. I could be in Alaska and I’m sure it wouldn’t change things much. As long as I feel real then there’s nothing else that matters...making these albums is just something that I have to do, and so I do it." This is the Indie Exclusive colored vinyl version. Limited edition.

  • Indie Exclusive white colored vinyl
  • limited edition
  • digital download included
  • release date: 05/05/17
  • music label: Captured Tracks 2017
    reviewed by Bo Linas 04/2017


    Questions & Answers

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    • I'm getting mixed messages because at the top it says colored vinyl but at the bottom it says white exclusive. Which one will I be purchasing?

      This copy is the white vinyl version. Specific to us, we use "colored vinyl" to describe any color aside from black.

    • Does this vinyl come with the signed poster or is that a different variant?

      No, this version does not come with a signed poster. 

    • Do I get the MP3 download before the vinyl?

      The Mac Demarco: This Old Dog (Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP comes with a download code printed on a card.This card is included in the inner sleeve of the record. 


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