No Longer Available Jump (Larry Levan Mix) 12"

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Man Friday was a group in the 80s consisting of Brodie Williams on production, Kofi Morny on vocals, and the legendary Larry Levan on mixdowns and "Jump" was their debut single. This track always gets over shadowed by "Love Honey," so consider it the sleeper in their catalog. Solid mid-80's electronic disco grooves with Levan's signature touch all over it. Just imagine what it would've been like hearing this on the massive Paradise Garage system, people would be jumpin' all over the place! Includes the club version and the slightly tougher Garage version. Spot-on reissue that looks exactly like original 1986 promo copies on Vinyl Mania.

  • music label: Vinylmania / 1986
reviewed by snackmaster 07/2010