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No Longer Available Special Blends, Vol.1&2 2CD

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Before mash-ups, there were the Special Blends. Problem was that this Doom side project was impossible to track down. Now thanks to Nature Sounds we get a new volume, plus the sought after volume 1, all on this 2 disc set. For Doom huggers the amount of material here is staggering, 27 tracks, chock full of smog inducing, air freshening beats. The acapellas Doom selects stay away from the obvious for the most part, and at multiple times he hits unlikely favorite spots in my hip-hop crate. The end result is enlightening, like reviewing the last 10 years of hip-hop through the eyes of mask. No need to go through each track, I'll just point out some winners: D'Angelo, Big Pun, Erykah Badu, MOP, De La Soul, MC Lyte, Raekwon, Lil Vicious, Method Man, and Cash Money.

  •  music label: Metal Face / 2004
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2005