MF Doom Special Herbs Volume 7&8 Vinyl 2LP+7"

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Vinyl 2LP + 7" Vinyl $18.95
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More Metal Fingers beats for the fiends. Another trip to the Metal Faced Villain's vaults for one of the longest running hip-hop instrumental series of all-time, Special Herbs volume 7 and 8! Heads will be able to see past the cryptic track names and place the dusty loops and beats to the Doom vocal versions, so expect instrumentals from the gamut of past Doom projects, from MMFOOD to King Geedorah and everything inbetween. Double vinyl pressing with bonus 7" featuring KMD instrumentals for "What A Nigga Know" and "Get U Now".

  • double vinyl pressing of Doom instrumentals
  • includes bonus 7" with KMD instrumentals
  • music label: Nature Sounds 2014
reviewed by Pato San 11/2014