Mike Simonetti Bossa Nova Civic Club Bootleg Vinyl 12"

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Loose and funky material from Jersey's own Mike Simonetti. Since leaving Italians Do It Better, the label he founded with Johnny Jewel, Simonetti has been busy with a few different projects. He launched the label 2MR, alongside Captured Tracks' Mike Sniper, and released the debut LP from Pale Blue, his project with Silver Hands' Elizabeth Wight. And we have his first solo material in nearly four years. Bossa Nova Civic Club Bootleg is made of up of two tracks that Simonetti broke at the Brooklyn club of the same name. According to him they both were a hit and it's easy to see why. They traffic in house, but pull rhythms from all over the world which keep the momentum going while not getting stale. Perfect for late nights on the dance floor when everyone is ready to open up just a little bit more.

  • music label: 2MR 2015
reviewed by Joey Coco 09/2015