Music Hall PH25.2 Hybrid Headphone Amp + Tube Preamp

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  • high-end headphone amp + tube pre-amp in one unit
  • perfect audio upgrade to compliment your computer setup
  • features tube technology for warm, full sound
  • upgrades your headphone signal from standard quality to audiophile quality
  • upgrades AUX or CD input from standard quality to audiophile quality (eg. your computer)
  • high quality RCA outputs
  • (2) Meutrik headphone output sockets
  • note: this does not function as a tradition phono preamp, but will work for turntables with built-in preamps


The Music Hall PH25.2 does the work of two separate units. Firstly for headphone usage, it will take any standard audio signal and convert it to a audiophile grade output for your headphones. Secondly, convert an AUX or CD input and upgrade the sound to audiophile grade sound to pump into your speakers. Conventional outputs found on most audio equipment and computers generally offer average sound. Independent volume control makes this the perfect companion to your computer setup.


  • special low noise R-core power transformer
  • audiophile grade RCA sockets ensure no signal loss
  • alloy metal casing
  • voltage switchable
  • dimension: 8.5" x 13.5" x 3.75"
  • weight: 9 lbs.