Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack (White Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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Flippin' sweet. After over a decade since its original release, the Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack finally makes it to vinyl... magical clear blue vinyl to be exact! Relive all the moments of our red fro-rocking, moon boot-wearing, illegal-ninja-move-busting hero, who's ready to flip an ill liger drawing or dance move at will. This double LP pressing features the original soundtrack, including classic tunes from Bow Wow Wow, Yaz, Alphaville, When In Rome, Money Mark, and more on the first LP, while the second features the original score from John Swihart plus tons of memorable dialogue snippets from the film. Gosh!

  • colored vinyl
  • gatefold sleeve
  • music label: Lakeshore Records 2004 / 2016
reviewed by Bo Linas 04/2015