Niagara Niagara Vinyl LP

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Holy grail repressed! The elusive Niagara record is the stuff of digger legend. Everything about this record is crazy, from the close-up, sweat-drenched nip shot cover, to the awesome logo work (sampled for the Now-Again logo), and of course, the INSANE drums contained within. Just looking at this thing, you can tell it's a winner. The sound samples don't do justice, but just know that "Sangandongo" is some of the illest open drums and percussion of all sorts of tempos and styles for about 20 minutes (see the video below for the breaks portion). Original 1970 copies go for loot when they pop up, which is hardly ever, so do the right thing and cop this top quality reissue while it lasts. Highly recommended.

  • music label: United Artists 1970 / MIG 2010
reviewed by Von Bee 06/2014