• Office Space: The Motion Picture Soundtrack (Colored Vinyl) LP

Office Space
The Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

↳ the one soundtrack that will have you giving it your O face

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For all intents and purposes the Office Space soundtrack might never have come to be. The writer and director of the movie, Mike Judge, had to put up an almost daily fight with the producers at Fox to get things the way he wanted them. They were especially not enthused by the gangster rap that he'd chosen for the soundtrack. Little did they know that Judge had carefully crafted scenes that would fit with the music. From the opening scene when Michael Bolton (David Herman) makes his morning commute to work, getting in touch with his inner thug by rhyming line for line with Scarface's "No Tears." That is, until dark-skinned man selling flowers on the side of the road approaches his vehicle and Bolton locks his door. Then there's the use of Ice Cube's "Down For Whatever" as Michael, Peter (Ron Livingston), and Samir (Ajay Naidu) exchange the virus-filled computer disc that's going to drain money from their company’s corporate account. However, the most memorable moment has got to be tied with The Geto Boys' "Still." It is permanently tied to the moment Michel, Peter, and Samir take a baseball bat and various body parts to their office's temperamental fax machine. This soundtrack is a definite must for cult movie and Mike Judge fans. I believe you have my stapler?

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reviewed by Kool Moby 09/2013



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