No Longer Available Big Love / Music Sounds Better With You 12"

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Sigh... it was summer (isn't it always summer in those sweet, faded memories?), and "Big Love" was the jam that made everything okay. From the driving kick-drum to the so-intense-it-hurts build-up, Pete Heller made the ultimate disco house love song with this one. Bouncy enough for a dance floor but twinkly enough for an at-home party for one- "Big Love" is perfect. The fantastic Stargard sample should also serve as reason enough to go find that girl group's slept on albums, on par with The Pointer Sisters' killers from the seventies. Added incentive for picking up this piece is the b-side, a stretched out version of the boogie pop song "Music Sounds Better With You," which had people singing along on the dance floor like it was a top 10 radio hit. Filtered French house may be a footnote at this point, but these two tracks are keepers, and a great way to flashback to that feelgood time of the nineties when house was hot. C'mon, you remember, it was the Best. Summer. Ever.

  • music label: white label
reviewed by Odyssey Jones 05/2005