Phoenix Bankrupt Vinyl LP

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The Phoenix has risen! The French rockers that everyone loves to adore are back with their follow up to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. While Bankrupt! does not stray too far from the course set by its predecessor it is in no way short of new thrills. It's a jittery, hyperactive, ADD affair that falls perfectly in place with the state of the world today. And while you may not be able to decipher a single thing that vocalist Thomas Mars is saying, he is like the glue that holds the ship together and points it in the right direction. There's a bombastic feeling that lurks behind nearly every song. They may be over stuffed with ideas, but somehow Phoenix manages to pull it all off. This is the uplifting stuff that those of us with short attention spans crave. Like a shot of endorphins straight to the cortex.

  • music label: Glassnote Entertainment Group 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 04/2013