Prince Dirty Mind (180g) Vinyl LP

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EXTREMELY danceable post-disco funk masterpiece with rock and new-wave undertones from the greatest! After the success of his second album, Prince, the purple god produced, arranged, composed and recorded Dirty Mind in his home in Minneapolis, and the artist formerly known as a “doe-eyed romantic” was no more. Salacious lyrics and a sexually charged persona blasted through, and he let the world know that he wanted to, and more importantly, COULD smash whoever his wonderfully erotic mind so desired (“a blow job joust mean blow, incest is everything it’s said to be”). With Dirty Mind the “sexy MF” really changed the pop landscape, and the album is a ‘80s classic that everyone should own, especially in this remastered, 180g reissue form.

  • 180 gram vinyl pressing
  • other Prince albums available
  • music label: Warner Bros. 1980 / 2011
reviewed by buffalo fingers 05/2016