No Longer Available Remixes (Azari & III) EP

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12" Vinyl $13.00
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After much demand for a vinyl release of these remixes, Psychemagik asked to make a short run of their latest remixes and were delighted to gain official permission to release this legit but very limited 12". They take the razor blade to Azari & III's "Reckless With Your Love" and completely flip the script. Somehow Psychemagik manage to keep the character of the original track while turning in a very different take than Azari & III's 90s house. They add extra punch to Metronomy's "Everything Goes My Way," juicing it up for the dance floor and throwing in a little Swedish pop while they're at it. The closer is Crystal Fighters' "Champion Sound," which gets turned into an electrohouse jam.

  • Music Label: Psychemagik 2012
reviewed by Dr. Slone 04/2012