Radiohead In Rainbows Vinyl LP

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Not sure if you heard, but Radiohead put out a new album a few months back and it's pretty good. In case you didn't already steal it from the intarwebs -- or if you did and you'd like something better than 160kbps MP3s -- here's the official vinyl version, pressed loud on heavy wax with full lyrics and liners. Check these tracks: "15 Step," "Weird Fishes / Arpeggi," "Reckoner," "Bodysnatchers," "All I Need." Pitchforkian cheekiness aside, In Rainbows is the follow-up "rock" album that everyone's been wanting from Radiohead since OK Computer dropped, easily surpassing Hail To The Thief and barely even comparable to the more electronic- and ambient-leaning Kid A. 10 tracks; 42 minutes. Recommended. 

  • music label: TBD / 2008
reviewed by Larri Byrd 01/2008