Radiohead Pablo Honey Vinyl LP

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Radiohead fans need to chill out. Yes, the later albums like Kid A, Ok Computer, Amnesiac, and the recent A Moon Shaped Pool are better, but Thom Yorke and gang’s debut, Pablo Honey, a decidedly more “mainstream” effort, is pretty damn good, and come on, how can you front on “Creep”? A little backstory: Jonny Greenwood hated the band’s most well-known track and did the pre-chorus guitar clang to sabotage the recording of it—funny how iconic that sound has become. In addition to “Creep,” “Stop Whispering,” “Thinking About You,” “Lurgee,” and “Anyone Can Play Guitar” are awesome grunge/alt rock tunes that have definitely stood the test of time, and respect to Radiohead for constantly raising their own standards that an album of this caliber can have haters.

  • 2016 official reissue
  • music label: XL Recordings 1993 / 2016
reviewed by donut savage 08/2016