Seu Jorge The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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Finally on wax! Here it is, the full set of acoustic David Bowie covers as done by Seu Jorge in The Life Aquatic. You could previously get a handful of these songs on the soundtrack CD or on the second disc of the DVD set, but you get a full 14 tracks here - and there's just something more powerful about having them all in one place. Beyond the schtick of hearing some of Bowie's biggest hits done acoustic and in Portuguese, Jorge is entirely compelling on his own and anyone who's heard these tracks is attracted like a moth to a light bulb. Check "Rebel Rebel, Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City," and "Changes," then go 'head and add to cart. Pressed on clear double vinyl. Required material for winter.

  • clear double vinyl pressing
  • acoustic David Bowie covers from The Life Aquatic
  • music label: Hollywood Records 2014
reviewed by the mgmnt 01/2009