Slick Rick The Great Adventrues of Slick Rick Vinyl LP

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The art of storytellin, nobody does it better than Slick Rick. Every song is constructed of full sentences with some of the funniest shit I had ever heard when I was 12 years old. Remember when you first heard that Davey Crockett: "he opened it up with his own two thumbs, he seen crabs with spears and indian drums goin heya heya heya!" I love this album to death. I'm just happy to have it on reissue because my original copy was so beat up and overplayed that I gave it away. The Ruler's Back, Children's Story, Mona Lisa, Treat Her Like a Prostitute, Hey Young World, Lick The Balls, Indian Girl, The Moment I Feared, etc. Official Def Jam repress.

  • music label: Def Jam 1988 / 2014
reviewed by the mgmnt 03/2014