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Another record that most people don't know the name of- but when you hear it, you gonna be like damn, that's my shit. Hot Music is a classic instrumental jam that don't depreciate with age. I could bore you guys with tales of original labels and different pressings on this one, but what's the point. The bottom line is this is a record that you can play for just about any crowd, be they into hip hop, underground, house etc etc. The only people who don't go ape shit for this record are the ones who love that murder inc sound (you know that platinum sound, holla). It mixes well with your uptempo party fair and also makes a good transition from a hip hop to a house set, or vice versa. Backed with Earth Peoples Dance, a housier tune but a banger nonetheless, this is a true must have for all hip hop dj's. Plays at 45. 

  • music label: white
reviewed by the ROC 12/2005