Special Request Modern Warfare EP Vol.1-3 Vinyl 12" Pack

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All three Special Request 12"s on XL in one money-saving pack! Everyone at the Lab was feeling Paul Woolford's early 90's UK rave, jungle and breakbeat sounds on the Soul Music album from 2013, so you can bet we were all stoked to see some fresh material (3 x 12"s no less) on XL. When it comes to throwback rave, this dude hits it spot on - merging the aesthetic with contemporary techno tactics, with very few peers even coming close to this level of authenticity. Check the wicked sound on "Amnesia" that kills with that breakbeat jungle hybrid - likewise on the bass heavy killer "Reset It" and hardcore "Modern Warfare." EP #2 continues the damage with absolutely crushing breaks on "Take Me" and the heavyweight vocal masher "Damage," while EP #3 sets it off with the rough and rugged break chops of "Tractor Beam" and the sensual female vocal cut "Elegy" that sounds he took a page from the Burial playbook and ran with it. Three 12"s in standard XL label sleeves. Recommended.

  • 3 x 12" pack
  • music label: XL Recordings 2015
reviewed by Der Schlerb 11/2015