Stokyo Dr. Suzuki The Donuts 7" Slipmats - Orange / Black (Limited Edition)

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Stokyo JP Exclusive colorway! Dr. Suzuki's been getting busy in his Lab to cook up more slipmat innovations for all the tablists out there. The Donuts are his latest creation and make manipulating 45's much easier than any other slipmats out there. These custom slipmats facilitate and enhance scratching and cueing 7"s by making them feel like standard 12"s. It works by placing the Donuts on a standard 12", then the 7" on the Donut and voila! The Donuts grip on to the 12" making it possible to manipulate the 12" and thus rock the 7". Works best with metal 45 adaptors. Recommended.

  • allows for better control over 45's
  • comes as a pair