Teenage Engineering PO 10-Series Super Set (Pocket Operator)

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Specially-priced Pocket Operator Bundle from Teenage Engineering released exclusively for Holiday 2015! The PO 10-Series Super Set includes all three pocket operators, their matching cases, three sync cables, and three pattern cards at a substantial discount (save $60 off the regular price of $309). Here's a complete rundown of what's included:

  • retail value of this package is $309
  • all 3 Pocket Operators: PO-12 Rhythm, PO-14 Sub, and PO-16 Factory Pocket Operators
  • matching silicone cases for each Pocket Operator
  • 3 x sync cables
  • 3 x pattern cards
  • limited holiday stock, one time offer
  • note: box color random (contents are all the same)