No Longer Available Patience (After Sebald) LP

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Caretaker is an alias for Leyland Kirby, a prolific experimental producer from the UK that has been making waves in the music world recently with his unique take on ambient mood music. We started listening to his An Empty Bliss Beyond This World album in the office last year (thanks to Shota the Database) and it quickly became a morning favorite with it's haunting melodies and somber moods. Little did we know the record would soon sky-rocket in price and was super in-demand thanks to a small batch import pressing. Here we have Kirby's latest effort, Patience (After Sebald), that flows in a similar vein to Empty Bliss. The album is actually a soundtrack to a film by Grant Gee about German writer W.G. Sebald and works with the same themes explored in the movie - that of collective and personal memories. Expect hazy ambience, strangely familiar pianos in the distance, and plenty of dust and scratches that paint a picture of faded recollection. Again, this one is pressed up in a super small batch (only 300 on blue, 400 on black vinyl) so get it while it lasts! Full pic sleeve, import pressing. Recommended.

  • music label: History Always Favours The Winners
reviewed by Snackmaster 02/2012