The Roots Organix (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP+CD

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Now on colored vinyl! The Roots' unknown first album that was recorded in Europe and released independently in '93 before The Roots signed with MCA. Good news for you: this is quite possibly the Roots best LP. It's more raw than Do You Want More, with a playful sound, that at points, focuses more on the live-band aspect of emcee/band interaction. Double LP of songs that should have easily been banging major label singles... but yes, some things are best left unspoiled. "Grits" with that organ riff is one of nicest songs we've heard in a minute. Also includes "The Longest Posse Cut in History" (12 minutes), live tracks, and some live-style band out-takes. Ever wonder why "Do You Want More??!!" started out with song #18? CD version included. Recommended.

  • music label: Remedy Recordings 1993/2015
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2015