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The Roots return with their 12th album to date. And for this one they take on an interesting theme. It's the story of a man, Redford Stevens, dying in reverse. The tale is a sprawling crime story whose focal point is a man in the midst of an unending existential crisis. Apparently the Roots went over many revisions to the tale and script that guides this story. And it's a tale who's setting is the gloomy dirges that ?uestlove and co. have crafted for MCs Black Thought, Dive Raw and Greg Porn. The playing feels especially live, with looping piano chords and explicitly funky drumming. It's refreshing to see a group that has been in the game as long as the Roots take on a concept record like Undun. The record is one that is bound to pay off with repeated listens. Import pressing.

reviewed by Dr. Slone 03/2012