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Psyence Fiction Vinyl 2LP

↳ sophomore album from Lavelle and DJ Shadow

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The second UNKLE project LP. A victim of the hyped to hell syndrome, we offer it a second chance. An obvious attempt at crossover with strange guest choices (Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft, Mike D, Kool G Rap, Alice Temple, Badly Drawn Boy, Atlantique), this effort was slap in da face to those MoWax fans expecting the smoky instrumental sounds of "Time Has Come." Many parts seem a little forced, but some moments are what Id expect from the duo of Lavelle and Shadow. It seems that they were trying to apply their ideas to new formats. "Rabbit in Your Headlights" is actually a pretty epic track (if you like the vocals). The equally mellow "Chaos" is a nicely produced female vocal track for listening to when none of the dudes are around. For the old UNKLE drum sound Lavelle and Shadow deliver on "Unreal and Guns Blazing." Plus, many production nuances that Shadow fans will pick up on and imitate. Stay away from side C, it blows. Whats up with the Beastie Boys recent terrible rhyming anyway? Although there are moments where their explorations work, sadly, the album as a whole fails to move me. As usual for recent MoWax releases, excellent 2LP Futura gatefold saves the day.

  • music label: MoWax / 1998
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