No Longer Available Cabin Fever Vol.1 CD

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First ever CD compilation from Radio Slave's legendary Cabin Fever label. The previously vinyl-only label is highly regarded in the underground house circuit for its top quality releases from an international cast of acclaimed producers and DJs including Toby Tobias, Radio Slave, Jacques Renault, Ian Pooley, DJ Duke, Spencer Parker and others. Considering the original 12"s for many of these cuts are now out-of-print and sought-after (each release was limited to 500 copies, no repress!) , this comp is a serious no-brainer. Check "Let's Play House," "Deep 92," "Love Music," "The Realness," "Don't You Know," "Beyond Contact," and "Likewise" for a taste. Hot stuff for sure! Get it while you can.

  • music label: Cabin Fever 2011
reviewed by: Snackmaster 09/2011