Wax Alchemy Custom Japanese Headshell Wires

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Headshell Wires $39.95
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Improve the sound and performance of your cartridge with these custom headshell wires from Wax Alchemy. Headshells come with standard wire connectors that are noticeably thin and can be prone to breaking. These heavy duty headshell wires are a significant upgrade - considerably thicker than your average and constructed of ultra high purity 6N silver, copper, and platinum to ensure the best possible connection. Hand made in Japan by Suwanai Tamotsu, used by Gaslamp Killer, Andy Smith, Mala, and other fine selectors world wide. Comes with 4 wires per set, enough for one cartridge.

  • hand made in Japan by Suwanai Tamotsu
  • constructed of ultra high purity 6N Silver, Copper & Platinum
  • platinum used for all points of contact
  • comes as a set of 4 wires, for use with one cartridge
  • fits most standard headshells including Shure, Technics, Stanton, etc.