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Zomby's earlier work drew heavily from 90s rave as well as what sounded like video game bleeps and bloops, which he masterfully layered on top of heavy sub bass and shuffling programming. For Dedication, the UK producer presents a darker, more melodic, and restrained brand of dubstep. This progression is apparent from the start, as the brief opener "Witch Hung," a bare, incessantly melancholic number, sets the tone of the album. The hazy, future garage tune "Natalia's Song" follows, and "Alothea" is an eerie, tension-filled track that instantly pulls the listener in. In "Black Orchid" and "Things Fall Apart (featuring Panda Bear on vocals)," Zomby briefly presents his more familiar, arpeggio-heavy style, but with "Lucifer" and "Digital Rain," he jumps right back on to the more emotive, stripped down sound. "Basquiat" is another standout track consisting only of piano and cello, and it further showcases the more refined direction the talented British beat maker has decided to take. Highly recommended.

  • music label: 4AD
reviewed by nakinboots 07/2011