Sleazy McQueen Yacht Rock Edits (Red Vinyl) 12"

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12" Vinyl $12.00
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Deadstock find. Last copies on red vinyl for this 2008 pressing. Yacht Rock just never goes away, it just waits for the perfect time to rock the gingham. This record should say on the label "in case your party turns all white". You can literally kill old white people with this record. The Al Stewart "Year Of The Cat" is freaking awesome, this 80s electro-tinged edit gives it a Pet Shop Boys feel. Steely Dan is known for some sick breaks, but I totally forgot about "Time Out Of Mind." My knowledge of Captain and Tennille is limited, except I always used to see them in the dollar bin. Sleazy McQueen does them good with this umf'd up version of "Love Will Keep Us Together." Lastly, we get a little Doobie Brothers with a chopped up version of "Sweet Feeling." Being pasty never felt so righteous, recommended.

  • music label: House Arrest
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2010