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About Turntable Lab

Turntable Lab was founded in 1999. Fresh out of NYU, Anthony, Pete, and Jasper opened up in a college apartment with a static HTML site + a 56K modem. As the first online store to cater to DJs, the Lab made its name by selling Technics 1200s and Shure M447s at fair prices. 
Fast-forward over 20 years, Anthony and Pete are still running the company with the help of a great staff of DJs, Producers, and Musicians. With an expanded scope that includes HiFi stereo equipment and all genres of vinyl records,  TTL maintains the discerning approach of a DJ.  We proudly operate out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Turntable Lab is highly selective with the product we carry, whether it's a high-end turntable or a 7" vinyl record. When you're buying a turntable, know that we've tested it out to make sure it's up to our standards. As you're browsing our record sections, know that thought and effort went into each selection.
a visual representation of our selection process
Turntable Lab supports the Children's Music Program at the Brooklyn Kindergarten Society.

"Turntable Lab not only cradled the current electronic / DJ revolution, it shaped the worldwide scene: from being a tastemaker to giving access to all aspiring artists internationally. I bought my first desktop workstations and sold my first creations from their online shop. The site has always been my TRUSTED GATEWAY to music, art, pop culture and snapback hats. I wouldn’t have my label if they didn’t give me a launching pad & influence for my art." - DIPLO

"TTL is the best. Gear experts, limited edition vinyl specialists, tasteful curators and makers of sonic memories. Vinyl family forever." - Laura Lee / Khruangbin

"As they've expanded, TTL has garnered the reputation of being an all-around 'tastemaker' with influence over musical, style, and design spheres of our global underground. In our age of countless hot-today-gone-tomorrow ventures, Turntable Lab deserves recognition as a truly one-of-a-kind business and an international movement with serious staying power." - COMPLEX