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📊 Pro-Ject Turntable Model Review Guide - TTL Levels

Pro-Ject Audio has an expansive catalog of turntable models. In this guide we've narrowed down the catalog to our favorites, ordered by price range.

↳ ① Entry-level model, better than most mass market turntables

👉 The EU-made T1 is Pro-Ject's most affordable Hi-Fi turntable. It features minimalist design, glass platter, aluminum tonearm, and an Ortofon OM5e cartridge. In addition, the T1 was designed for easy setup + operation. Plug+play into any AUX input.

↳ ② Pro-Ject's flagship mid-level model

👉 The Debut EVO stands alone in its price range for performance, quality and value. Nearly every part has been re-designed for sound quality since the original Debut model was introduced; resulting in this 'evolved' EVO model. Highlights include a one-piece carbon fiber tonearm (completely unique in this price range), Sumiko Rainier cartridge, stable DC motor, individually height adjustable feet, and much more. You won't find such a specialized turntable in this price range.

↳ ③ EVO Upgraded ⬆️

👉 The Debut Pro is essentially an upgraded EVO. Key upgrades include an upgraded tonearm (both the tube + mechanics), upgraded platter damping, and nickel finish on the feet and parts of the tonearm.

If you like this Pro model, we also recommend checking out the S-Shaped model which offers a removable headshell design.

↳ ④ High-end entry point

X1 B Turntable

Current Price $1,099.00
👉 This is the first turntable in Pro-Ject's line that we would consider high-end. With hifi turntables, the general rule is: the larger the mass, the better the sound. The X1B features an oversized body and thick acrylic platter, and weighs 3+ more lbs. than the EVO. In addition, it features upgraded tonearm assembly and Sumiko Rainier cartridge.

↳ ⑤ Best High-End Fully Automatic, $1500 range

👉 The A2 stands alone in this price range for automatic turntables (switch controls tonearm + motor, turns off automatically at end of record). Automatic turntables are normally not known for sound quality, but the A2 has been optimized in all the key areas for audiophile-level playback. And it looks amazing.

↳ ⑥ Retro hifi design with modern components

👉 The Classic EVO borrows the floating chassis design of classic hifi turntables. The body is comprised of (2) distinct parts, the inner part is suspended to absorb unwanted vibrations (it actually moves within the wood cabinet). Every section of this turntable is high-end with 9" tonearm, Sumiko Moonstone cartridge, and aluminum platter + sub-platter. The Classic has solid mass at 23 lbs.

↳ ⑦ Pro-Ject design innovation

👉 If you're in this price point, you want something that both stands out and also sounds incredible. The RPM series features innovative visual design with mechanics to match.

The RPM's motor is outboard, meaning it's not connected to the body of the turntable (it actually sits on its own, connected by the belt only). This greatly reduces unwanted motor vibrations on the surface of the record. The RPM 5 series not only features 9" carbon fiber tonearm, the entire body is wrapped in carbon fiber (a proven anti-resonant material). The Amethyst is one of the best Sumiko cartridges on the market ($599 on its own). Amongst Pro-Ject insiders, the RPM series is the audiophile's choice.

↳ ⑧ Mass Loaded Audiophile Turntable, $2500 Range

↳ Bonus: Ready to play official Pro-Ject package

🥈Honorable Mention: High-End Model w/Removable Headshell Design, $1200