Cass McCombs Mangy Love (indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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“Run, sister run / Or do male justices piss in a squat? / Our sister lives in a squat that pisses on justice.” Mangy Love is folk-rock hero Cass McCombs’ 8th studio album. Sonically, the 12-tracker, which was written mostly during winter time in New York and Mr.McCombs’ travels through Ireland, is the most focused of his work to date, w/ experimental soul, psychedelia, and no-frills rock setting the mood. Thematically, the singer/songwriter tackles the socio-political issues du jour with his trademark wit and wordplay, as the aforementioned verse from one of the standout songs, “Run Sister Run,” attests. For other picks, check out “Rancid Girl,” “It,” “In A Chinese Alley,” and the lead single, “Opposite House.” This is the indie-exclusive marbled blue vinyl version of the album, only 1000 copies pressed.

  • limited edition blue vinyl pressing
  • music label: Anti 2016
reviewed by donut savage 09/2016