Cut Hands Afro Noise I Vol. 1 LP

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A rhythmic expedition into territories unknown. Cut Hands is the alias of William Bennet, previously a pioneer in the field of noise (see Whitehouse), Afro Noise is his newest, latest, and arguably most different, accessible, project. The record sees Bennet, a noted scholar on Africaǃs regional musics, exploring various types of percussion and rhythm native to areas such as Ghana and the Congo. Arrays of Ghanian instruments, djembe drums, carve out their space in-between grainy synthesizers, bass, and a powerful palette of effects. Comparisons to sorcery, voodoo might be cheap, but do seem worth a mention, as this is most certainly some form of acoustic alchemy and Iǃm left still not really knowing how to describe it. If my ears themselves were more eloquent maybe, but right now itǃs unfamiliarity and awe. Most assuredly a must-hear, especially given recent reissues of Throbbing Gristle, the exploding interest in alternative and industrial synth music, and archival explorations from labels such as Awesome Tapes from Africa, Sofrito, Analog Africa, etc. Track highlights include ǃ_Stabbers Conspiracyǃ_ for its unrelenting rhythm, ǃ_Rain Washes Over Chaffǃ_, for its cinematic tension.

  • Music Label: Dirter Promotions 2012
reviewed by A. Tomorrow 04/2102