Gaslamp Killer Breakthrough Limited Edition Vinyl 2x10"

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2x10" Vinyl $19.95
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Now available on double 10" for a limited time! Prepare to have your mind officially blown. The much anticipated full length debut from the muthaf'n Gaslamp Killer has landed and it totally exceeds all expectations. Over the years, GLK has grown quite a cult following as a respected DJ and producer. From co-founding the legendary Low End Theory night (where he is still a resident DJ) to touring the globe, his high-energy sets have become the stuff of legend. Now on Breakthrough, Gaslamp Killer takes his heavy, psych-influenced sound to the next level with a fully realized album of devastating beats and bugged-out psychedelia on Flylo's Brainfeeder imprint. Expect an intense trip through dark and ominous sonic territory with some of the heaviest live drum and production work from GLK himself, as well as guest appearances from kindred spirits Gonjasufi, Adrian Younge, Dimlite, Daedelus, Samiyam, Computer Jay, and more. The whole album should be digested in its entirety for the full effect, but check out "Holy Mt. Washington," "Dead Vets," "Flange Face," "Apparitions," "7 Years Of Bad Luck" and "Keep It Simple Stupid" for a taste of the madness. Highly Recommended!

  • music label: Brainfeeder 2012
reviewed by Fadermod 09/2012