Horace Andy Dance Hall Style Vinyl LP

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Repressed!I first heard this and the Wayne Jarrett Bubble Up album at my friend's house a few years ago and completely bugged on the sound. Horace Andy's singing is some of his best work in the eighties, but it's the heavy heavy dub sound of Lloyd Bullwackie that makes this record so incredible. He takes early eighties production technique and runs it on some of the hardest roots I've heard, elevating Horace's vocals through a sea of production. Check "Stop The Fuss" for prime example. Each song is immediately run into the official dub versions where Wackie really lets loose. It's off the meter. Massive Attack followers scuffle feet at the superior sounds of 1981 "Spying Glass." Another favorite has to be the heavy bass and super effects of "Money Money." The album remains tight with six strong tracks including a great version of "Cuss Cuss," "Let's Live In Love" and " Eating Mess." Something was aligned right at Wackies under these recordings, because I've never heard any of his stuff sound like this.

  • music label: Wackie's 1982 / 2005
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2009