I-f Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass Vinyl 12"

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Very in-demand electro single from 1997 back in print. If you fux with heavy 808s, freaky synths, and quirky vox, you best check this out. The fact that I-F (total weirdo and founder of intergalacticFM), produced this back before it was cool to be retro shows a glimpse of genius. Awesome synth work and that timeless electro sound, considered by most in-the-know as a modern classic. This a reissue of the OG 1997 version, featuring the original "Space Invaders," plus the badass bass track "Secret Desire," "Us & Ours & You & Yours," and "Playstation #2." Recommended for the freaks.

  • music label: Viewlexx 1997 / 2014
reviewed by the mgmnt 02/2015