Jimi Tenor & UMO Mysterium Magnum Vinyl LP

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Gotta give it up to Jimi Tenor, the dude is never stagnant and constantly evolving his sound. Case in point with his latest effort, Mysterium Magnum, recorded with the de facto Finnish national big band, UMO Jazz Orchestra. The album finds Tenor composing instrumental pieces for a full 16-piece orchestra, a feat in itself by all means- and certainly a far cry from his 90's electronic musings. Still, Jimi is able to pull it off with style as he deviates from what most would think "big band" music sounds like and instead delivers contemporary pieces that fuse funk, jazz, cinematics, and more. He even joins in and plays a Russian Ritm-2 synth, tenor sax, and flute himself! Lots to soak in here with 12 tracks on cherry red vinyl. 

  • colored vinyl pressing
  • music label: Herakles Records 2015
reviewed by Manfredo 08/2015