About Group You're No Good (Theo Parrish, Hot Chip) 12"

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In 1968, Terry Riley created one of the first "remixes" known by reworking "You're No Good" by the Harvey Averne Dozen. About Group, a quartet consisting of Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, drummer Charles Hayward, Guitarist John Cooxon, and Keyboardist Pat Thomas, covers the latin soul number for its lead single, and it enlists two producers to remix it. Theo Parrish's "Translation" consists of a shuffling house groove and new vocals as well as space-y noises that are in line with Terry Riley's noise-funk version, while Mokmix introduces thumping kick drums to little snippets of the original (About Group cover, not the harvey Averne Dozen original) for a minimally-produced dancefloor workout. åÊåÊ

  • music label: Domino
reviewed by nakinboots 06/2011