Beach Boys Pet Sounds (180g) Vinyl LP

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Deluxe 180g pressing of the classic Beach Boys album. You guy's should already know about this one, but we're gonna give you the original Lab review written by Roctakon just in case... So everybody knows what's up with pretentious rock dudes and Pet Sounds- they love it. It's second only to the Beatles Sgt. Pepper on the Rolling Stone top 500 albums of all time. Rock critics suck, we all know that, and the Rolling Stone top 500? Well, they had one Outkast album on the list and it was Stankonia. Stankonia? The only way to tell is to cop it and decide for yourself. Brian Wilson did everything himself, writing all the songs with Tony Asher (who the fuck is that?) and producing the whole shit. Besides "Kokomo", most of the best Beach boys stuff comes from this album. You got "Sloop John B", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Don't Talk", and "God Only Knows." Seriously, I don't know about how well it was produced or what they did in the studio or why it's one of the greatest albums of all time, I just know it sounds good. Really good. I mean, when I hear this shit I get all misty eyed (not a joke). Perfect for a Sunday morning, a break up, or a sunny car ride. Trust me, put back the Unkle 3 mix cd set and cop the Beach Boys.

  • music label: Capitol 1966 / 2008
reviewed by Roctakon 10/2005