Candido / O'Jays Dancin' & Prancin' 12"

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12" vinyl $8.00
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My head nearly exploded when our man in the trenches called me up and said that he was at the record plant picking this up.  A few months ago Snackmaster asked me if we could get Candido's "Dancin' and Prancin'" and I told him I would look into it.  Originally released on Salsoul back in 1979, the record captures the funky spirit of disco at that moment.  Somehow we were able to get this sought after gem and get hooked up with a super extended edit of the O'Jays "I Love Music"!  The solo bongo-drum intro to this Gamble and Huff burner was performed by none other than Bill Cosby.  Seriously.  If all that was not enough, you get the super useful cut and paste edit "I Luv Musik" as well.

  • music label: white label
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 12/2009